Is it safe & secure All LAY-BUY payments are automatically setup in PayPal Is there any manual payments All LAY-BUY instalments auto processed from buyer to you Are Lay-Buy orders integrated into admin All LAY-BUY orders integrated into your Shopify admin order status system Is there reporting Detailed merchant and customer reporting in place in your Shopify admin Can merchants set Down-Payment % Merchant sets the minimum % down-payment as 10% or 20% Can merchants set how many Months Merchant sets the maximum amount of months to pay-off LAY-BUY balance Can a customer settle a LAY-BUY earlier Merchant settles LAY-BUY earlier on behalf of buyer from their admin Can a customer extend a LAY-BUY Merchant extends LAY-BUY by another month from their Shopify admin What happens if a payment is missed If a payment is missed by consumer, PayPal auto attempts again in 5 days Is the merchant told about missed Payment PayPal sends both buyer and merchant an email notification on same day Benefits Does Lay-Buy increase sales & how $2B+ industry + new LAY-BUY customers + cross sell + upsell Does Lay-Buy improve cash flow & how Merchants receive DP & instalments but only delivers after final payment Will Lay-Buy removes manual processes Automated LAY-BUY system, fully integrated into your website’s admin Is there any development involved Payment gateway supported by an embedded App makes for simple plug & play How long does it take to Install 4min install + 1min setup time = $LAY-BUY sales in 5min Do Lay-Buys provide support for Lay-Buy 12 hrs x 6 days / week: Support team across multiple website platforms Do Lay-Buys provide any admin Service Team to answer any questions & assist your admin staff with LAY-BUY orders Pricing What is the price for the LAY-BUY Gateway FREE What is the price for the LAY-BUY App FREE Is there an Install or setup cost FREE What is the cost of a LAY-BUY for merchant Merchant only pays their normal PayPal transaction fee What is the cost of a LAY-BUY for consumer Customer only pays a 0.9% admin fee to Lay-Buys (that’s less than 1%)